​​Ted I. Benito
Apl.de.ap Foundation International Exec. Dir.

"Bill Curd is one of the most passionate musicians, singer/songwriters   I have ever encountered. His love of making music -- good music -- has
turned into his creative artwork and he, as am I, is proud of this stellar       achievement. As a performer, arranger, composer, lyricist, etc. Bill is the   consummate artist. His attention to detail, whether it be in the lyric or in the music itself, whether it be in how his songs are performed live or even how the music is presented in CD format, is absolutely phenomenal. Bill has a way of tweaking a song to make it fit just perfectly into the listeners' ears. 

His love of music has translated in his love for his music to be performed, particularly in the Philippines, where he has built a surprising and formidable following of loyal fans. This is extraordinary -- while it shows the power of what the internet can be to unite the world in song, it is more a testament to Bill's perseverance in writing songs that appeal to the human spirit (it also helps that his beautiful wife is from the Philippines). 

Curd, the band, is absolutely wonderful at bringing Bill's music to life. To hear them live is really a treat, particularly because Bill, while the front man, let's all the band members shine.

Bill Curd is an artist that everyone should follow time and time again." 

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Seahawk Lounge, October  7th and have your pre-release copy of our upcoming album.

We are truly saddened by the loss of a dear friend, Matt Patrick, talk show radio host for the iHeart network. He was a friend the the "Curd" music brand and we'll be forever grateful. Matt gave us more airplay in the past two years than we've had in the last 10.

​RIP Matt,,,we'll miss you.

And, we are going back to So. Calif for the first time in 5 years. You can see us at "Seahawk Lounge" in Lakewood, Ca. on Sat. October 7th. Get ready, we only play to win!

“Bill Curd delivers his best work to date in an EP that will most certainly make its mark in 2017"
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