Young Soul


Good friend, Danny Wilde appears yet again as backup vocalist on 'It All Depends On You' and in fact, as co-writer on "Day In The Sun'. Still streaming 4 years later, it is also available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and others.

The debut 'CURD' release of 2009 featured 'Never Knew Anyone' which climbed to #45 on the Hot/AC Top 100 Hottest Hits by Spin Tracking Systems in Nov-Dec of that year. The song also reached #32 on STS Hot/AC Top 40 Main chart and #12 on the American Independent chart for the same time period.

'No Goodbyes' was the 2nd 'Curd' effort, releasing in March of 2013. The album

also had a hit in the rock ballad, 'Home Is Manila' which had tremendous internet play in the Philippines and is played by filipino internet stations, still today.

former Gin Blossoms drummer, Scott 'Kooze' Kusmirek and parts of it were tracked at the recording studio of Gin Blossoms singer/front man Robin Wilson. It can still be streamed on most music sites and is still available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play to name a few online music stores. Some of it's tracks are below.

The effort had some notable good friends appearing as guest players, namely Danny Wilde of The Rembrandts, Jesse Valenzuela and Scotty Johnson of the Gin Blossoms and

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