If you watch TV, then chances are you've heard Andy's work. Andy has been writing and recording music for TV shows, such as Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, American Paranormal,

​Sport Science, and Last American Cowboy, to name a few, for quite some time. Over the years he has performed with former members of Guns and Roses, current members of Dennis DeYoung Band, and toured with Queensryche. 

Bill and Andy have been writing, recording and performing together for 10 years. 

​Andy will NOT eat at McDonalds

​As a guitarist?.....Andy Rocks....!!! Right, Andy?

 Kenny James Gohn

    Chris Colovas

 Andy Zuckerman

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Chris has been playing bass for Curd  for eight years and before that He, Bill and Andy played for a Los Angeles based band, Chime. Seasoned, Chris has played with rock bands such as Charlotte and Jill Jax.

    Gary Meadors

It took the band 2 years to find the perfect drummer, until along came Gary. Gary's been with the band since 2012 and played the drums on every track of the "No Goodbyes" album. Gary has toured with a number of National Touring Acts, such as Jenie Loves Jezebel, and Charlotte.

Kenny is one of So. Calif best kept secrets as far as the subject of guitar players goes. 

With several degrees and certifications in Music Theory and Audio Engineering, Ken runs his own Production company and helps develope young, up and coming bands.

In high demand as a session guitarist, he also works for The Orange County High School for The Arts in So. Calif.

Bill and Kenny have been friends since their teens and met when Ken brought Bill in as the singer for his band Contagious.  

After 40 years apart, the two are writing and performing together once again.